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The independent review of early reading conducted by Jim Rose confirmed that ‘high quality phonic work’ should be the prime means for teaching children how to read and spell words.  The review also highlighted the importance of developing from the earliest stages children’s speaking and listening skills, ensuring that beginner readers are ready to get off to a good start in phonics work by the age of 5.  Such work should be set within a broad and rich language curriculum.  Letters and Sounds.

At Owler Brook children are taught phonics daily.  In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 this takes place in differentiated groups and is delivered by well trained staff.  Teachers mainly use Letters and Sounds to plan the learning sequence, but adapt the pace to meet the needs of the learners.  Class teachers incorporate the phonics learning into English lessons and guided reading – phonics learning is essential in order to be a good reader and speller. 

In Year 1 the children are tested using the national phonics screening.  Those children who do not meet the required standard retake this test in Y2.

In Key Stage 2, everyday English teaching includes elements of spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) for all children.  Those children who are new arrivals or who are still not secure with the 40+ phonemes, have targeted small group work during class SPaG time.  A bespoke programme appropriate to the needs of the learners is delivered and class teachers then ensure the application of this learning in all areas of the curriculum.