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New Arrivals Strategy


  • Within the Crucible Federation we have a high % of mobility, with this comes the challenge of educating children who are either completely or relatively new to English. 
  • We aim to provide these children with ‘Blue Group’ provision for daily maths and English teaching. 
  • We feel that it is vital to teach these children vocabulary and language structures which will enable them to access everyday life in English and eventually the breadth of the national curriculum. 
  • Blue Groups are fluid. Due to the constraints of space we may have to move children back into the mainstream setting for English and maths when a new arrival child is admitted to the school.  In this event there should be careful transition and conversation between the Blue Group teacher and class teacher. 
  • Teaching in Blue Groups is further complicated by children being at different ages and stages within one group. 
  • Some children will access Blue Group provision spanning their academic year groups. For this reason the Crucible Federation believes that it is important to provide a consistency across Blue Groups.


  • Whilst children will be assessed against Sheffield STAT and progress measured against those steps, we feel that English sessions in Blue Groups should contain the following elements: 
2 week cycle
Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri
 Holistic Reading
Experience day
Writing activity
Phonics Phonics
Vocabulary / language structure building Vocabulary / language structure building
Social snack Social snack
Story time Story time
  • Planning sheets accompany each Holistic Reading book providing progressive nouns, verbs, concepts (model taken from Stories for Talking Programme) and language structures (taken from Tower Hamlets document) to be taught and embedded through the fortnight. Planning sheets to be shared with class teachers to encourage shared expectations when Blue Group children are back in class.
  • Opportunities should also be provided, where it is felt appropriate, for Blue Group practitioners to provide some pre-teaching of academic / curriculum specific vocabulary.
  • Exercise books for children in Blue Group will be filled with a variety of evidence of their learning including photographs, drawings, mark-making / writing and teacher observations.


  • When teaching Blue Group maths, practitioners plan and assess using the Sheffield STAT. Wherever possible maths is taught using visual concepts and concrete aids such as Numicon. 
  • Maths learning focuses on the 4 operations and their application into the other areas of the maths curriculum with a strong emphasis on using maths for a purpose.
  • Where appropriate Blue Group practitioners use Skill Sharp at the beginning of maths sessions to recap and review previous learning.